Q: Are you a licensed business? 

A: Yes, we are. We are licensed by the Birmingham City Council. 

Q: What kind of services do you offer to your customers? 

A: We offer airport transfers, long distance trips, full day trips, corporate account work, group travels, meet and greet, same day urgent document delivery. 

Q: Do you have all your drivers DBS checked? 

A: Yes, we have all our drivers DBS checked. 

Q: Can you pick up from anywhere within UK? 

A: Yes, we can.  

Q: If my flight is late then will I get the charge for waiting time? 

A: We allocate a free 60-minute time allowance to all the passenger as soon as the flight status shows “LANDED”. So, within the first 60 minutes time after your flight status shows “LANDED” we will not charge you for any waiting time. 

Q: How can I book a journey with your business? 

A: You can either call us on the booking number, complete our online quotation form or email us with your journey detail and our booking team will call you back with the quotation. 

Q: Can I book my journey as soon as possible? 

A: You can always ring our booking line or send us an email for your booking request. If we have any vehicle available then yes, we will send the driver out to pick you up as soon as possible. However, we always suggest our customers to give us a minimum 2 Hours notice prior to any booking. 

Q: What kind of vehicles do you have any your fleet? 

A: We have 4 doors saloon cars, 5 doors estate cars, up to 8 seaters people carriers. 

Q: What is the luggage capacity for each vehicle? 

A:  Here is the actual guide for one single journey, this is what each vehicle can carry easily. 

Vehicle Type 





No of Passengers: 

4 Passengers 

4 Passengers 

6 Passengers 



+2 Large or 2 Medium (MAX) 

+ 4 Large or 4 Medium (MAX) 

+ 2 Large or 2 Medium (MAX) 

+ 8Large or 8 Medium (MAX) 

Hand carry: 

+ 2 (up to 7KG) 

+ 4 (up to 7KG) 

+ 2 (up to 7KG) 

+ 4 (up to 7KG) 


Q: I am booking this journey for someone else what do I need to do? 

A: We need passenger’s name along the phone number. Just in case if we have talk to the passenger at the time of arrival to inform them that driver is arrived. We also need the pickup address and drop off address. 

Q: Can I add extra stops in the journey? 

A: Yes, you can. 

Q: Do you charge for any additional charges for extra stop in the journey? 

A: We charge per mile for the journey from A to B location. We always ask customer at the time of booking if they wish to add extra stop into the journey then surely, we can give you the price including any additional stops into the journey. 

Q: I have too much luggage, can your driver help me when I reach at my destination? 

A: We have provided a complete training to our drivers. Drivers can assist the customers with their shopping or luggage, but we strongly suggest customers to load or unload their shopping or luggage their self to avoid any damage to their property. 

Q: I have booked a trip last week, due to some unexpected circumstances I will have to cancel my booking, what do I need to do? 

A: We can understand the situation. Surely, we would love to help you out in this. We need a minimum 3 hours notice before your confirmed booking time in writing. Please send us your cancellation request on info@kallarchauffeurs.co.uk 3 hours before the confirmed booking time. 

Q: What if I cancel my trip within the last 3 hours of the booking time? 

A: You may cancel your booking within the last 3 hours then there will be a short notice cancellation charge of 30% which will be applied on your fare amount. Remaining amount will be refunded to the passenger with the same payment method they used to make the payment for this journey.  

Q: What is your cancellation procedure if business don’t receive any response from me at the time of the booking? 

A: When a driver reaches at the customer’s pickup address, we always advice driver to give a reasonable time to the passenger to reach to the driver. Our driver will call you and message you as soon as they arrive. You will get driver’s name and vehicle detail in the email. For some reason if driver don’t receive any response from the customer 60 minutes after the flight status showing LANDED then automatically, we will cancel this journey and a cancellation notice will be issued to the customer through email. Unfortunately, no refund will be issued to the customer in under any circumstances.  

Q: What payment methods can I use to make the payment for the journey? 

A: We accept: Cash, credit or debit card with our chip & pin machine provided by PayPal, PayPal, Contactless, Apple Pay, Bank Transfers. 

Q: When can I make the payment for my journey? 

A: All the payment(s) must be made in advance prior to the booking time. We accept the various payment method such as Cash, credit or debit card with our chip & pin machine provided by PayPal, PayPal, Contactless, Apple Pay, Bank Transfers. Please note: Any cash payments must be paid in full to the driver before the journey starts 

Q: If I book my journey through email which information do, I need to add into the email? 

A: To take a booking request we need the following detail to provide you the accurate price for your journey: 

  • Lead passenger’s name 

  • Passenger’s phone number 

  • No of the passengers in the journey 

  • No of the luggage (if applicable) 

  • No of the stops (if applicable) 

  • Type of the vehicle (Standard Saloon / Executive Saloon) 

  • Flight number (if applicable) 

  • Any additional information for us 

Q: What is the meeting point on any airport? 

A: Meeting point on all the airports is Costa Café unless otherwise stated. 

Q: What is included in the airport offers? 

A: Any airport offer included your first 60 minutes free pickup charges, drop off parking charges along the total mileage on 1 single journey. Please note that congestion charge, additional parking charges, waiting time, toll charges are not included in any quoted price. 

Q: What do I need to provide with my airport booking? 

A: We need your flight number, numbers of passengers, exact numbers of luggage, lead passenger’s name and contact number. 

Q: How my driver will approach me when I am ready to get picked up on the airport? 

A: Our driver will be monitoring your flight status and as soon as your flight status shows “LANDED” you will receive a welcome message or call from the driver. Please stay in touch with the driver as soon as your flights landed. Once you have cleared from the immigration and collected all your luggage then inform your driver straight away. Your driver will be waiting outside for you in the arrival’s area / costa café or on an agreed meeting point. Please note that it vital to make a contact with your driver to stay in touch. If passenger has any delays with their luggage or any other reason and expecting driver to wait for them then additional parking charges and waiting time will be applied. Additional charges must be paid directly to the driver or to pay the business online to avoid any disappointment later. If no contact was made in first 60 minutes, then cancellation procedure will be applied.  

Q: What if my phone stopped working on the airport? 

A: We always advice driver to make a contact with the customer as soon as flight status shows “LANDED”. We allow 60 minutes free waiting time to the customer which is more than sufficient to get clearance from the immigration and collect all their luggage. In any unexpected situation if driver receive no response from the customer even after 60 minutes from the passengers, then we will have to cancel the trip and no refund will be issued to the customer in under any circumstances. 

Q: What if we have to keep the driver for any extra time? 

A: Our waiting time charges are £20 an hour. Every 15 minutes we charge £5. Any additional mileage on your journey will be charged on a standard tariff. (Executive vehicle (Car & MPV) charges are fixed £25 per hour) 

Q: Can I tip my driver? 

A: We always try our best to give our best to customer. If you liked the driver’s service and wish to tip your driver then feel free to tip your driver. That’s their hard work. 

Q: Can I smoke or drink in the car? 

A: NO, Smoking and drinking in a licensed vehicle is strictly prohibited. 

Q: My flight is coming back from Gatwick; can you pick me up from the Gatwick Airport? 

A: Yes, we can. 

Q: What if a mess was made by me or by one of the passenger(s) travelling with me? 

A: You or any other Passenger, domestic animal or Bicycle soil, contaminate or damage a Vehicle, in which case a cleaning fee up to a maximum of £100 shall be charged; tolls or road related charges are payable in relation to your Booking. 

Q: Do you charge if Private hire vehicle get damaged by me or by any passenger(s) travelling with me in the journey or by any third party?

A: In the unfortunate situation, if our driver’s vehicle get damaged by any customer(s) in the journey then we do take this very seriously. We take the estimate for the repair cost from an authorised and approved professional mechanic / technician / bodyworker then give it to the client to make the payment. We also charge for loss of earning for the driver for all those days when their vehicle is unable to use or in the garage or in the workshop due to the damage. Our minimum charge for loss of earning is £125 a day for Car (Saloon 4 seaters Excluding Driver) and £250 a day for Minibus (7/8 Seaters Excluding Driver). Please note our minimum loss of earning charge is excluding any repair cost of the damaged caused by you or by any other passenger(s) in the journey or any third party involved.

Failing to make the make the payment for the damage you will be reported to the police, insurance company and to any other relevant department with all the available evidence, in order to investigate and to solve the matter legally. You will be responsible for any consequences and any claim related cost in the future when found guilty and responsible.

Q: Can a minor or teenager travel alone in the vehicle? 

A: NO, we will not allow unaccompanied Minors to travel alone in a Vehicle. We will notify the Minor’s parent or guardian and/or relevant regulatory authority, if we suspect a Minor is travelling unaccompanied and shall advise that the Booking cannot be completed without the Minor being accompanied. In exceptional circumstances and subject to the parent/guardian’s consent, we may allow Teenagers to travel unaccompanied, provided that when making a Booking for any unaccompanied Teenager, you inform us that an unaccompanied Teenager will be travelling. We may, at our discretion, decline to accept such Booking and we shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of these Terms if we decline to accept such Booking. We do not accept any additional responsibility for any Minor, or Teenager, who travels unaccompanied in a Vehicle. 

Q: I lost something in the vehicle, what will happen next? 

A: If we have found your lost property then we will call you or email you. For any reason if we are unable to make any contact with you then we will hand over the lost property to local police station and we will ask them to provide us a receipt. 

Q: Can I take photos or make film in the vehicle? 

A: No, customers are not allowed to make any films or take pictures at any time. 



Kallar Chauffeurs shall not be liable or responsible for any errors in or failure to provide the Services due to your error or failure to provide accurate and complete information. 

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the Booking service is available, we do not enter into any agreement to the effect that the Services and/or the Bookings will be always available or that the use by you of the Booking service will be entirely uninterrupted or error-free. 

Kallar Chauffeurs shall not be liable or responsible of any traffic jams, roadblocks, diversion on your route which in result of a flight was missed, loss of earnings, loss of profit, loss of sales, turnover, loss of time, loss of or damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of opportunity, loss of customers or contracts,